Getting close to the bitter end

too bad I didn’t join earlier, eh?

Jane Woodman


Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

I learned about Medium several months ago and really enjoyed participating…for a little while. Unfortunately for me and, evidently, many other short-form writers, the way Medium evaluates and assigns earnings changed dramatically.

Now, my work most often goes unseen and apparently worthless. Soon, it will cost me more to be here than I receive each month. At that point, I’ll be gone. If you have found any pleasure in my work, you can still find a few books of my poetry on Amazon.

I do not intend to pander to Medium by telling people what they’re doing wrong or make lists of Five Things ….or whatever the number du jour is. Most often, if I open one of those articles, they are written without authority and with writing errors.

Why bother?

So, while it was nice — briefly — it’s just not for me. I do wish I’d found it earlier, but I didn’t. Now, Medium seems to be just one more venue where clean, creative writing, if it’s poetry, is unvalued.

Long live algorithms. Without me.